Ever since I started to learn how to sew, I always wanted to make a quilt I could take lots of places and not worry about it getting dirty or worn. I love quilts that look pretty as a wall hanging or laying on a bed, but I wanted to make something that could really get used and washed over and over again.  My first quilt wasn’t going to fulfill that roll because, well, it was my first quilt ever and I want it to stand the test of time. When, I saw Amy Gibson’s “Popped” quilt on the cover of her quilt book For Keeps, I immediately fell in love. imageNot just with the pattern or the colors, but with the idea of being able to stitch much of the quilt together on the go. “How perfect”, I thought, “to be able to stitch some of this memory making quilt together while making memories.” Hexagons are the perfect road trip project, when you aren’t the one driving of course! This quilt is made of hexagons in 6 color families, sewn together in groups of 3 to look like popcorn kernels.imageI began working on this quilt last summer and stitched the hexagons together throughout various trips. I stitched half of the gray hexagons while traveling to and from a family vacation to Big Bear Lake in California back in August. The other half were stitched together during Thanksgiving just after Hank was born. The red and purple hexagons were completed on a road trip to June Mountain and the blue, green and yellow were all finished at home during nap times or quiet evenings after Henry was asleep. I just love how these colors came together. imageI struggled with the thought of what background color to use for this colorful quilt. I love the white because it’s clean and fresh and it is also the background color in the original pattern.  image I also loved the denim because of the way the colors literally popped against it. imageThe more I wrestled with this decision, the more I realized I want this quilt to be durable and to not worry about grubby hands and dirty feet running across it. I want to be able to take it to a 4th of July picnic and not cringe as my child slops ketchup from his hot dog all over it. I want to take it to play dates and have it be able to mask slobber and spit up. I want to lay it down in the grass in the park and sit care free as kids piles up on top of it after climbing around on the play ground. But most of all I want it to be a beautiful backdrop to the memories my family will make in the future, a quilt for everyday adventuring! It just had to be denim.IMG_0265IMG_0267IMG_0268IMG_0273

imageTo make it easy to carry to our destinations, I made this adorable carrying strap (also a pattern from Amy Gibson’s For Keeps).imageWe’ve already taken this quilt on a few adventures and memories have already begun soaking into it’s fabric. Not to mention, Henry loves it and thinks it’s cool just like him. image