7 months down…2 to go!


27 Weeks

Felt baby’s hiccups for the first time! Probably one of my favorite things. Also, visited six flags with Uncle Aaron and Uncle Evan (couldn’t ride anything, but was fun to spend time with family.) Back pain is definitely a more prominent symptom. This week baby can open and close his eyes and he sleeps and wakes at normal intervals.

28 Weeks

Officially started the third trimester this week! In the home stretch. Finished a lamp shade and baby mobile for the nursery this week and we picked up a comfortable rocking chair for me to nurse in. This week baby is blinking and is now experiencing the REM portion of sleep.

29 Weeks

We spent this entire week at Big Bear Lake with my immediate family. Baby “D” went on numerous hikes, spent lots of time in the swimming pool, partook of lots of good food and went kayaking! Can you spot Baby “D” in this family photo?imageIt’s hard to get the whole gang together so we were thrilled to capture this moment. This week his muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and he’s soaking up lots of calcium, which means Momma needs to drink her milk.  

30 Weeks

Went on numerous walks this week and attended a baby shower thrown by our squadron friends. Baby “D” is spoiled already with so many nice things. This week baby’s brain is continuing to develop and he can regulate his own body temperature. Good thing because it is hot here in the Central Valley of California!    image

31 Weeks
Mommy turned 28 this week! Daddy took her out for dinner and it was then that we realized this was our last birthday celebration where we won’t need to get a babysitter if the parental unit wants a night out. Baby can turn his head this week from side to side and all of his other extremities are beginning to plump up. image

Well, only 2 more months to go and maybe just 1.5 months if baby decides to come early! Can’t wait!  image


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  1. Ann

    Whoohoo!! In the home stretch! Can’t wait to meet Baby D!! You look wonderful!! Love you!! Mom

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      Thanks Bunches! We can’t wait to meet him too!

  2. Becky Dixon

    Love those pix!! Wish I could visit with you in person, Abby!!

  3. Jenny

    Love it! Can’t wait to meet Baby D!!


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