8 months down…1 to go!


32 Weeks

He’s head down and I’m going crazy in the head trying to fight ice cream cravings. This week baby’s skin is no longer translucent and he’s really packing on the pounds.image

33 Weeks

Went to first birthing class and Paul completed his last det before baby comes. Yay! Also, the store I have been working at through me a baby shower in an adorable vintage/baby book theme. Each item of food coordinated with a book a co-worker brought (i.e. Green Eggs & Ham was represented by deviled eggs with avocado & bacon bits).  Thanks Decor a Lemoore for a beautiful shower and Katie Mitchell for hosting!imageBaby is developing his own fetal immune system this week so he can fight all of those germs he will get exposed to once he’s outside the womb.image

34 Weeks

Baby proofing has begun! Paul installed a dead bolt to our front door this week and he changed out some outlets to make them child proof so that baby “D” can’t get hurt putting his fingers in the outlet. imageSpeaking of fingers…Baby’s fingernails have reached the tips of his fingers by now!image35 Weeks

I’m starting to have trouble taking my wedding bands off at the end of the day and Baby “D” sure does like to do his water aerobics between 9 and 10 at night. I complain but I secretly love it. I’m finding it harder to sleep at night because of the back pain and I keep waking up at 3AM like clock work to empty my bladder.  Funny how God starts preparing us for those sleepless nights! Baby should almost be done growing tall at this point and should be busy just putting on some chub (about 1/2 a pound a week)! Grow baby grow.image

 Can’t believe there is only 1 month left! Excited to see when this baby boy decides he wants to meet us. Until then, I’ll be looking forward to my first blind date ever and I know I’m going to love him!image

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  1. Jenny

    We are so excited for you guys!!! Can’t wait to meet him!!!


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