Batting Scraps & Tummy Time Mats

Since moving to Lemoore, CA, Paul and I have been doing a lot of house searching and we finally found a house! It’s a bit of a fixer upper, but we’re excited to make it our own.  While we are waiting to close, we have been lucky enough to live with some friends in a 5 bedroom house. This means, there is one extra bedroom for me to set up a craft sanctuary! Tah Dah!imageIt’s not fancy, but I’ve got all of the essentials for keeping myself busy at home. One thing I’ve been busy working on is turning these cute stacks of fabric called layer cakes (made up of 42 10 x 10″ fabric sqaures)…imageinto a cathedral window playmat using Amy Gibson’s Cathedral Window Playmat Tutorial.imageIsn’t this adorable? I have renamed it “Tummy Time Mat” because it’s perfect for those little newborns to practice their tummy time on. Take baby Aiden, for example, from my earlier post Newport & Newborns. Tummy Time!image I’ve made a few of these mats already for baby gifts because they are unique and not something everyone usually things of to give. I just love the colors and the design.  The great thing about this project is you can use all of your batting scraps for the little circles of fabric. After many sewing projects, batting scraps tend to pile up until they look like this:imageSome of the pieces I should just throw away, but other ones like these have some potential. (You can tell I used this piece for a Tummy Time Mat before.) imageMy Grandma B.J. told me during my visit in May that you can actually sew pieces of batting together, like fabric, to make a piece big enough for your project. No one will ever know once your quilt is complete that there is a seam of batting hidden in there. I decided to try this technique on a Tummy Time Mat , but first I wanted to square my batting scraps up to make them easier to sew like so…imageI repeated this on many different batting scraps until I had a whole bunch laying around just asking to be paired up. imageBefore I knew it, I had 20 pieces big enough to make the 20 circles of batting required for the inside of my fabric circles. imageNow, I could finish my project of taking this layer cake….imageand….after a little cutting, trimming and sewing these 20 circles together….imageViola! A finished Tummy Time Mat!imageOh and real quickly I wanted to share my latest bargain finds with you.  Since living in Lemoore, I’ve discovered an adorable shabby chic store called “Things N  Stuff”. It’s one of those places that takes old furniture and refurbishes it into pretty modern looking pieces. They also have some items on consignment and that’s where I found this adorable cross stitch of ABC’s for $15! Can you believe that price? imageI just love the colors and the detail.  Someone spent a lot of time on this and I’m holding onto it for later ;). I also found a beautiful ladder to hang quilts on. I’ve been looking for one for a long time and this beauty was waiting for me. imageIt stands in my craftroom displaying my latest projects and a completing the wall where my prism quilt is hanging. More on that later. Paul literally had to drag me out of that store but I’ll definitely be back, especially after we move into our new house.  I’ll be looking for some special pieces to fill up the space. Good luck using those batting scraps for small projects. If you are working on a bigger project, Grandma also told me you can take two bigger pieces of batting and lay them next to each other without even sewing them together to fill a larger sized quilt.  Just be sure to quilt over the “seam” of those two pieces to ensure they don’t move around too much inside your quilt. Happy stitchin!

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  1. Jenny

    Yes, Aiden loves his tummy time mat! :) Aiden looks SO small in that picture!! Love the ABC cross stich, wish there were a store like that here where I am at.


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