Betsy Ross Makes Play Dough, or she would have if she’d had this recipe and she was desperate like me.

While I would much rather be sewing, my time is totally consumed by entertaining young kids so I end up searching the internet for play dough recipes and other things I would never, in my pre-child life, have thought to look up. I also never would have looked it up if my store bought play dough hadn’t suddenly gone bad and dried up in a snowstorm during this never ending winter.  Well, I found one that works for me, but I didn’t bookmark it of course. Someone was probably screaming and spilling milk or using the potty and trying to show me.  So if you are reading this and say, “HEEEEEYYYY, THAT’S MY PLAY DOUGH RECIPE!”, please give yourself credit in the comments below or email me so I can thank you and credit you personally. I’m not trying to steal.  I’m grateful.  Eternally.  Grateful.

Homemade Play Doughphoto 2 (1) - Copy

1 cup white flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tbsp cream of tarter (honestly, this stuff is expensive and I was almost out once, used all I had which was about 3/4 tbsp and it worked just fine)
1 tbsp oil
1 cup water
food coloring

Instructions: Mix the first four ingredients in a pan or pot.  Add water and cook over medium heat for three to five minutes, stirring constantly, until it forms a clump.  Transfer the clump to a mixer fitted with a dough hook (you can knead by hand, I’m just a little lazy and a lot in love with my mixer).  Add the food coloring and knead for three to five minutes.  Store it in an airtight container.  My version pictured below is a combination of teal dough mixed together (over time, by the kids) with pink dough and peppered with some lovely tinsel my daughter, Josie, added while trying to make a sea anemone, complete with tentacles.  It was awesome.  I, of course, don’t have a picture of that (See Screaming, Spilling milk, Using the potty, Trying to show me).  My son, Wyatt, likes to make “cookies” and bake them in the “oven”.  The fun is endless, and so is the cleanup.  Enjoy!

photo 1 - Copy

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