Colorful Crib Bumper


There is a lot of speculation on baby bumpers these days.  Back in the day, just about any crib you came across had one, but now S.I.D.S. is a concern and people don’t think they are the safest thing to have in a crib.  Keeping that in mind, I designed this colorful crib bumper that isn’t too thick, but provides enough padding to soften those crazy rolls in the middle of the night. I utilized the same concept as the cathedral window baby play mats that I love to make by Amy Gibson, but only did one row and stuffed each circle with poly-fill to give it some extra cushion.image

First, I found a ton of fabrics that I liked at the local Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately, they don’t sell fat quarters the way Jo-Ann’s does, so I literally took 20 bolts of fabric up to the counter and had her cut 1/4 yd of each. Yikes! We bonded though so it’s all good.image

Then, I cut all of these fabrics into 9″ circles using my handy dandy circle rotary cutter. imageI cut out 28 batting circles into 9″ pieces as well to help stabilize the circles. image
Then, I put the circles all around the crib so I could make sure I separated stripes from polka dots, chevrons from geometrics.  This way it would be more visually appealing overall.image


Once I was sure of my pairs, I laid them on the floor in the order I wanted to sew them together with a batting circle. I also made sure I put the ribbon with the correct circle pair so that the bumper can be tied on correctly. imageAfter pinning all of the circles to make sure the ties would end up on the outside and the batting on the inside, I got to sewing all around the edges. image

imageNext, I cut a hole in each circle and flipped it right side out. I was sure to check that the ribbon ties were also on the outside.imageimageThen, I ironed all the circles flat and started stuffing and sewing the circles together. imageimageimageOnce I had all the circles stitched together, I laid it out to see how it looked before stitching down all of the flaps.  Just in case I had a last minute change, it would be easier to pull them apart at this stage. imageOnce, I was satisfied, I stitched the flaps down.  This part was a little trickier than the play-mat since these circles were a lot puffier, but it still worked out.image

Then, I marveled at the sewn flaps.  Here’s the front:imageAnd the back:imageThis crib is definitely going to be fun to look at for baby.  imageHopefully it isn’t too stimulating! Guess we’ll find out soon enough! Here are a couple of close ups:imageimageimage

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  1. Nancy Daniel

    Abby, I’m always impressed with your creativity. Adorable! Love, Aunt Nancy

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      Thanks Nancy! We will see how creative I am with a baby in the house. Right now I have lots of time on my hands to come up with ideas.


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