Day 1 Crafting Challenge: Paper Pieced Hexagons

Day 1 of the Crafting Challenge is officially underway! About 8 months ago, I purchased Amy Gibson’s “For Keeps” quilting book. She’s by far my favorite quilting blogger and I love her style and teaching methods. I want to make everything in this book, but one quilt that really caught my eye is her paper pieced hexagon Popcorn Quilt shown on the front cover of the book.image

Maybe it’s just the many different colors that drew me to this quilt or the possibility of 4 kids of my own snuggling underneath it for Family Movie Night while eating a big bowl of popcorn. Either way it spoke to me and I began gathering my supplies which included ordering 360 paper hexagons. I’ve always loved working with hexies, as I like to call them. I’ve used them in numerous projects, one of which was this anchor pillow for Henry’s nursery. imageThe thing I love about hexagons is you can work on them while on the go. I pieced all of these together while on a road trip back in January. (Huge thanks to Paul for driving so I could accomplish this!) imageThese are just 3 out of the 6 color families I chose to complete this quilt. In the mean time I have 3 more color families to complete and next on my list is green.image

Each hexagon consists of a piece of paper loosely sewn to a 3.5″ square fabric piece. imageimageThen, 3 of these hexagons are stitched together using a whipstitch. imageimageimageIt took me about 15 minutes to complete this one popcorn unit consisting of 3 hexagons. I’d say that’s still a success for Day 1 of our challenge…baby steps people, baby steps. Speaking of babies, Hank is totally satisfied sitting under one of my first ever completed quilts until this popcorn quilt is completed. Thanks for the support Hank!image

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  1. Sara Rose

    I’ve never heard of a popcorn quilt, Abby! After seeing your picture of the paper inside the hexie, I assume it’s called “popcorn” because the paper makes that sound when it’s moved/crunched? Is the quilt machine washable?
    I so wish I was closer to you to craft with you!

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      I wish we were closer too! The quilt is called Popped bc the 3 hexagons stitched together look like a popcorn kernel. The paper is actually taken out before stitching the hexagon units to a piece of background fabric. It really would sound like popcorn with the paper still in there! Haha


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