Day 4 Crafting Challenge: Fancified Burp Cloths


There are many different kinds of burp cloths out there. Here’s just a few of the different kinds that we have. image

Let’s be honest. No one is going to be picky about the kind of cloth you use to wipe up baby’s spit up or clean the drool off of their favorite toy Sophie.image

Nope. All that matters is that you’ve got something and I like to make sure all of my new mom friends have that something. I like to buy a package of these plain white burp cloths made by Gerber. imageThey’re really soft and thin (great against baby’s face and skin). Then, I like to stitch a piece of fabric or ribbon onto each one just to make them a little more fancy and add some color to the mundane task of burping baby. imageAfter about 20 minutes of cutting, pinning and stitching…imageimageYou’ve got 2 ready to gift or use fancified burp cloths!imageFor the full tutorial on how to create the fabric burp cloth check out our Burp Cloth Tutorial page.

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