Day 5 Crafting Challenge: Baby Quilt Binding


After today, I’m half way done with my crafting challenge! Yay! I have to admit, I’ve wanted to give up a few times but I’m glad I’ve stuck with it so far. Today, I decided to take a little break from the actual sewing machine and stuck with just some simple hand stitching. Something like a baby quilt binding. I love to make baby quilts for 2 reasons. First, they aren’t as big of a commitment as a full or queen size quilt. You can really get one done in a few days. Second, I love to create a beautiful backdrop for fun times with baby!imageHenry really does love his prism quilt. In our house there is a lot of hard floors and the carpets that still remain just really aren’t that soft. I like to lay a quilt down on the floor to give him something soft to lay on. I also like to create these prism quilts for friends expecting their first baby. In fact, I almost completed one the week I was due, but never had a chance to stitch on a binding. imageLast weekend, when I began thinking about this crafting challenge, I prepared some fabric….imageand decided it was finally time to work on sewing the binding of this quilt. imageIt didn’t take very long to stitch the binding to the back of the quilt all the way around. imageAll that was left to do was to iron it over to the front side and hand stitch it down. That’s what I did today!imageYou really could sew this down with your sewing machine, but I love to hand stitch mine because I think it gives it a cleaner look and it’s like adding a frame to a beautiful piece of artwork. I like to savor every minute (while watching a good show of course)! This quilt is now ready for gifting!imageimageI hope the recipient of this quilt loves it as much as Hank loves his!image

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