Day 6 Crafting Challenge: Half Square Triangles

I have many projects in Ziploc bags. I can’t even remember when I actually cut these triangles, but they’ve been sitting in this bag for a while in my very scary scrap drawer. imageThis bag is full of 94 sets of half square triangles ( a set being one solid triangle paired with one print). imageimageThese little beauties are the very foundation of my baby prism quilts. Unlike yesterday, today I was a sewing machine maniac.  These triangles are so easy to just sit and stitch in one long chain. imageThe pile gathering behind the machine just keeps getting bigger…imageand bigger…imageand bigger…imageuntil you have a nice little chain of them. imageThe chain was actually a lot longer than this but it got really tangled so I had to cut it down to snap a picture. The next step is to cut them all apart so you have a nice big stack of individual triangles. imageimageThen, you iron them so they are finally the beautiful square they were meant to be!imageHalf square triangles are great because you can make many different shapes with them. Here is the very center of what could eventually be a baby prism quilt. imageReverse all of them and you have a completely different look. imageOr flip them another way and you’ve got something completely new!imageI just love geometric shapes, don’t you?image

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