Day 8 Crafting Challenge: Baby Pacifier Clips


Okay, I think you are starting to notice a theme with most of my crafts these days. Yes, they almost all have to do with baby items. No surprise there, since my life drastically took a turn in that direction almost 5 months ago. Today, I wanted to work on some baby pacifier clips. Now, pacifiers can be a bit of a controversial topic among parents these days. There are definitely pros and cons to them, which I’m not going to go into today. Just know that Henry loves his pacifier and these clips come in really handy when we are on the go. Car rides…imageplane rides…imageand just hanging out in the backyard. IMG_0139A few weeks ago, I picked out some fabrics and paired them with a color coordinating clip.imageThen, I followed this awesome tutorial to knock a few of them out. Here are some pictures from the process.

IMG_0120IMG_0121IMG_0123IMG_0124IMG_0125IMG_0126IMG_0127IMG_0128IMG_0129Henry thinks the best part about these clips is that they keep paci attached to his body when he goes flying with Daddy.IMG_0143

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