Day 9 Crafting Challenge: Baby Bow Tie

There’s just something about baby’s in bow ties. IMG_0177I’ve always heard that bow ties are pretty easy to make, but I never had a reason to try to make one until Hank came along! After perusing Pinterest a little bit to get an idea of what to do, I decided to just attempt my own version.  This isn’t a full proof tutorial, but I snapped pictures of my steps as I went along.

  1. Start with a 9″ x 5″ piece of fabricIMG_0149
  2. Fold the ends into the middle hot dog style. IMG_0150IMG_0151
  3. Then, fold one more time hot dog style. IMG_0152
  4. Pin the edges in place.IMG_0153
  5. Stitch 1/4″ seam down the side. IMG_0154IMG_0155
  6. Iron flat so the seam is in the middle. IMG_0157
  7. Stitch the unfinished edges together. IMG_0158IMG_0159
  8. Flip this ring of fabric so the unfinished edge is on the inside of the circle/loop. IMG_0160
  9. Make a very small loop of fabric for the middle. IMG_0166IMG_0167
  10. Now you should have 2 loops of fabric. IMG_0169
  11. Slide the smaller loop over top of the bigger one until you’ve created the creasing that looks best to you. IMG_0170
  12. Add a safety pin or bobby pin to the back. (This is where I would’ve taken more time to make a nice strap with some velcro on the ends, but Hank woke up from his nap before I even had the thought and I don’t have any velcro in my crafting stash). IMG_0172
  13. Find a baby to model for you and you are done!IMG_0179

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