Dear Abby’s very 1st Quilt!

For Christmas 2012, my super thoughtful husband, Paul, took my Christmas wish list to heart and got me exactly what I asked for. A new sewing machine…the Singer Stylist to be exact! No particular reason, other than it was on sale on Amazon. Way to go Paul!image

With Paul’s deployment on the horizon and my Navy career coming to an end, I wanted to find a new hobby and sewing seemed like the perfect thing. Why sewing you say? Well, besides the fact that it is a marketable skill and a convenient one at that for any wannabe homemaker, it’s also in my genes. My mom majored in home economics in college and my Grandma B.J. (short for Bettie Joe) is a sewing master. She sews all kinds of things, but is most known for her quilts. She will make quilts for just about any occasion, but most definitely weddings and babies.  Here’s the wedding quilt she made for Paul and I. image

Look at all of the detailed stitching and the beautiful scalloped edge.imageThis is just one of the many beautiful pieces Grandma B.J. has made and is a large part of the inspiration behind my desire to learn how to quilt! So, with my new sewing machine in hand and both Grandma and Mom hundreds of miles away, I needed something to get me started and that something was an amazing app on the iPhone called Craftsy. I found a class called “Craftsy Block of the Month 2012” by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock AND it was free.  Yes, you heard me! FREE! I asked myself, “What do you have to lose?”. The answer…absolutely nothing. So I set off on my 1st sewing adventure since middle school home ec class!

First, I went to the fabric store and picked out my fabrics. A tad bit overwhelming but oh so fun!Fabrics

And then my cat, Sherlock, decided to sit on them.Sherlock and fabric

What a rascal, but, I digress. Then, I completed block…Circle Block

after block…Drunkard

…until I had 20 completed 12.5″ squares.20 squares

After countless hours of sashing, basting, quilting and binding, resulting in what I like to call “quilting shoulder”, I stepped back and admired my very 1st quilt!   imageI’m totally hooked! Now, if I can just find a cure for “quilting shoulder”…maybe Grandma B.J. has a remedy!

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