House Update #10: Lots of Thinking & A Family Room Reveal

I don’t know what started it, but I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking lately. No, not the kind of thinking that causes you to retreat into a paper bag….image

Only a bad hair cut would make me do that! No, it’s the kind of thinking you do after completing a big project. I started thinking, “What caused us to embark on such a journey as to turn a house like this…20140706-210325-75805075.jpg

Into one like this?”imagePaul and I have been dreaming for a while about a place where we would BOTH come home to. A place where we could laugh together, cry together, raise a family, BE a family. Basically, we wanted a place where we could LIVE life! It wouldn’t matter if we lived in an apartment, condo, town house, beach cottage, or a mansion! We just wanted a place where we could keep making memories and building relationships! The floors didn’t have to be hardwood, they just had to hold us up when we needed the support to stand. The kitchen didn’t need to have granite counter tops, they just needed to provide a workspace for us to cook creatively. imageThe ceilings didn’t have to be “popcorn” free, they just needed to contain our cries, whether they be tears of joy or sorrow. So, why do a house remodel? I say it’s all about memories. The memories I get when I look at these rustic pallet shelves Paul and I spent a weekend making.image imageA friend building a unique wine pallet shelf just to say “Thanks!”image

Generous parents who went through a house down size and gave us a brand new entertainment center. imageA HUGE bag at Christmas filled with these pillows Betsy Ross made us using a stencil and fabric paint.imageAn antiquing adventure in Virginia to find a wagon wheel.imageA phone call from Paul saying he’d successfully hung the dining room light up despite our cat, Watson’s, efforts to thwart all progress by playing with any required installation accessories.imageThe gift of a doily table runner by my friend, Katie, when she could’ve easily sold it on her Etsy shop, “Life Above the Clouds“.imageSure, I’d be the first to admit, Paul and I have a lot of STUFF.  Conduct any house move and you will figure that out real quick. Seriously, this many boxes of stuff? IMG_1297The bottom line is, take away all of the stuff, the house, the upgrades, all of it. What you are left with is relationships and memories. Memories that will last a lifetime!image


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