House Update #11: “A Walk down Memory Lane” Hallway Makeover

Hallways are weird don’t you think? It’s hard to know what to do with such a narrow space.  Do you hang up photos or mirrors or both? The truth is, there’s no right or wrong answer.  It all depends on you and what you like. The hallway in our house is long and provides lots of space to work with.  I thought putting some pictures up would give people something to look at as they meander down to their bedrooms or to our guest bathroom.  It used to look like this:IMG_1085(Note: The ceiling light at the top is one of the six I was talking about in the vintage ceiling light makeover post! They really were everywhere!)

After all of our demolition it progressed to this:After the installation of new floors it looked like this: imageNot bad. Definitely tolerable, but lacking creativity and kind of just “blah”. So I started searching on the crafty playground known as Pinterest and had a field day. I finally found some inspiration at Shanty-2-Chic. Shanty 2 ChicI just love everything about this. I decided this needed to happen in our hallway, but with some slight modifications.  Since our hallway is longer, I thought we’d have enough room to hang 7 of these from each side.  We bought 14 unfinished wooden curtain finials at Lowes and decided to use the same stain on them as our wooden pallet shelvesimage The second modification was to use gold frames, since I found 14 of them at Goodwill for 0.59-2.59 a piece. Because my frames were medal and not wood I had to find an alternate way of attaching the chain to the back so I picked up some of these “stick on” hooks at Lowes:imageI attached two to the back of each frame like so:image image Now, it was time to put in the photos.  We had ours printed at Walgreens, mainly because our printer was out of ink and I wanted to get this done quick. 1 hr photo people! Then, I laid out all of the frames and put the pictures inside. imageNext, we bought 4 of these packs of chain from Lowes and used pliers to ply the 10ft chain into four  2.5ft pieces.  Then, we measured the hallway and decided how far apart we wanted to space them to make it look symmetrical on both sides.  Once we figured that out we screwed the finials into the wall one by one. No drilling necessary!imageWith a little bit of leveling…imageand measuring…imageWe got the job done! Now all that was left was to hang the photos!imageimageNow, as I walk down the hallway, I feel like I’m going down memory lane with my husband. imageWe decided to use photos of places we’ve been like Half Dome: imageor important moments in our life like Paul’s homecoming from deployment:imageor the Christmas we had right after we bought our cats, Sherlock and Watson:image I can’t wait for all the memories still yet to be made!

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  1. Jenny

    Love it!! So creative!! (BTW, Lowes must love you guys!!!) :)

    1. Ann

      Love this Abby!! Well done,!! Love, Mom

  2. Alan

    Such a long hallway lol


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