House Update #12: Please Mr. Postman…Check out our new Mailbox!

Remember the Postman song by The Carpenters? Well, I found myself singing this little tune over the weekend as we worked on replacing our old rusty mailbox. While this is not many peoples ideal task for a Sunday afternoon it really didn’t take long. Plus, this bad boy had to go…imageYeah…I wanted to get a good before picture, but my husband was so determined to get working on this project he beat me to it. You get the idea though.  Our poor Postman was put at risk of getting tetanus every time he came to deliver our mail! But don’t worry Mr. Postman, we are saving your life 1 mailbox at a time. Now, you can protect your Postman by following this simple tutorial!Mailbox Tutorial]


  • Pressure Treated Wood Post (ours was 7 feet and then we cut it down to the right height)
  • New Mailbox (Lowes carries various shapes and sizes ranging in price)
  • Extra piece of wood cut to fit the underside of your mailbox
  • 1 50lb bag of concrete
  • 1-2 Liters of Water
  • Level
  • Drill


  1. Dig up your old mailbox and make a hole deep enough for your new post. You want to bury your post about 2 feet deep. Then use your neighbors mailbox as a good height reference to know how much to cut off of your post.  Then, make sure it’s all level.image
  2. Next, pour your concrete into the hole and make sure it goes around every side of your post. image image
  3. Using a hose or watering can, spray your concrete with the amount of water specified on your bag. image
  4. While the concrete sets, measure the bottom of your mailbox and cut a piece of wood down to size so that it fits the underside perfectly. image imageimage
  5. Fill in the hole with dirt and then place your piece of wood on top of the post.  Be sure to center it where you’d like your mailbox to go and drill 4 screws from the wood into the post to keep them connected.imageimageimage
  6. Now, its time to put your mailbox on top of your wood rectangle and attach screws into the holes on the sides to connect the mailbox to the wood. image
  7. Complete!imageNow step aside and let the Postman do his job! Note: He may or may not thank you for saving his life one day…

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