House Update #2: The Ceilings Brought Tears to My Eyes

I really wanted to send out an official S.O.S. like “Betsy Ross” did a few days ago when I found out the guy who was texturing our ceilings was not also painting them. Remember this?

Well, you could still see all the white drywall lines after the retexturing guy was finished. I originally thought we paid him to texture AND paint, but quickly discovered this was not the case. This news came in the same day that my husband was leaving for 5 days for some military flying stuff. On top of that, our contractor told us it would cost around 4K to hire someone to paint so he recommended trying to do it ourselves. In order for us to get the ceilings painted before the new flooring went in, I felt a huge weight resting on my shoulders to now paint 2200 sq ft of ceiling! Yikes! So what did I do? Well…I cried and…. then I went to Lowes! Here’s what I came home with…

I decided to invest in a paint sprayer because you never know when you’ll need one of those again.

I also bought ceiling paint that goes on purple and dries white because I’m special when it comes to house projects.

I ended up buying 5 gallons of the purple paint and 5 gallons of just plain old ceiling paint because they claim 1 gallon covers 200 sq ft. I got 10 so I could do two coats.
I also discovered this awesome plastic at lowes called “Tape and Drape” that comes with tape already along the top edge so it makes it really easy to mask surfaces you don’t want covered with paint. See?



It seriously saved me a ton of time. I also bought some plain old painters plastic and laid it down over the carpets. I wasn’t worried about the cement floor in the rest of the house, but since we are keeping the carpet in the bedrooms I decided to try to preserve it as best I could. After all that prep, I finally got started spraying the ceilings. Boy does the drywall soak up paint! I got the first coat done in a couple of hours and came back the next day to do coat #2. Then, I marveled at my work that only cost me $400 (the overspray onto the walls doesn’t matter in this case since I’ll be painting my walls)

and went home to rinse this off!

Oh yeah! Nothing like meeting your new neighbors when you are covered in spray paint!

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  1. Jenny

    Wow, you are one busy busy bee! Impressed that you are doing all of this, and by yourself now with Paul gone.


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