House Update #3: The Granite is in!

Hey Again! It’s me and I promise I got all the paint out of my hair from painting the ceilings. I also stopped crying when I saw this!

Oh yeah! The granite has arrived and on a Saturday too!

Let’s talk about granite for a second. So, when it comes time to pick out granite some things you need to keep in mind are what color your cabinets are going to be and your floors and your backsplash. Some of you may work your entire kitchen around a slab of granite, but we worked our slab around our kitchen. Knowing we wanted dark floors and white subway tile backsplash AND that our cabinet doors would be gray, I pictured something mostly white with some flecks of gray in it. Yes, I’m describing marble perfectly! This is more or less what I was envisioning:

But, at over $500 for one slab when we needed at least 3? I told Paul, “I’m going to find something cheaper!” And cheaper we did! After painstakingly driving around on the Saturday after 4th of July, only to find every establishment who said they’d be open on Saturdays, closed, we returned the next Monday to find this:

Ahhaha (angels singing). Yep, and this beaut was only $180 for 1 slab so we got 3 for the price of one marble slab! It’s official name is “white flower”. Not too sure where the inspiration for that name came from, but luckily Paul was able to get past that and see it’s true potential. I’d say this is a win!

(My apologies that the pictures aren’t beautiful…it’s a war zone friends! You can still see all of my magical “tape on plastic” hanging up from the ceilings getting painted.) We also made sure we had enough for our “bar nook.”
This is what I’ve named the space between the kitchen and the formal dining area. It’s like a little passageway with a pantry and this:

Yep! Bar nook.
The backsplash also got put in that weekend and it too was beautiful! We went with white subway tile, but instead of getting the bigger individual tiles we found a smaller tile that was pre attached to many others like itself. (I don’t know the actual term for these guys).

We went with the one on the bottom right, and if you glance to the left you can see the size difference between it and normal subway tile. So what do you get when you put granite and backsplash in?

It’s a “beautiful” war zone! Can’t wait to get those cabinets painted! I’m starting to see it take shape, can you? Oh and you just so happened to get a sneak preview of our new farmhouse apron front sink, but more on that later!


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