House Update #4: Hipper Cabinets than the 70’s

Remember these outdated beauties?image

Well, they are everywhere! The “bar nook”: imageThe pantry:image

Seriously, these cabinets were gorgeous to begin with, but with the dark hardwood floors we planned to put in, we knew this color was just not going to work anymore.  It hurt me deep inside because I love dark wood, but we didn’t want the kitchen to feel like a cave.  Instead, we decided to keep all the cabinetry, but to paint them a light gray. Lighter kitchen cabinets are very in right now and we want to be hip.  Well, at least hipper than the 70’s. First, I removed all of the hardware from the doors and put them neatly in a drawer.image

Neat is a very loose term. I was also careful to label every cabinet door with a code, understood by me.  I even drew a diagram to make sure I knew which door went where.image

I may have been able to skip this step, but there are a lot of doors and I thought it might save me the guessing game later. Next, I laid out all of the cabinet doors onto a drop cloth or plastic to protect them from the dirty cement floor. Then, I was ready to paint.  I decided to use chalk paint on these bad boys because chalk paint is also in right now AND it requires little to no prep work! For those of you not familiar with chalk paint, you can read more about it here, but the basic gist is that it is your normal every day latex paint with equal parts water and Gypsum or Plaster of Paris added to it.  Both of these resemble flour and by adding them to the paint, it gives it a new property that binds to many surfaces and dries fairly quickly.  I decided to give it a go and am very pleased.  image

I did 2 coats of chalk paint on both sides of the cabinets and was careful to make sure the paint didn’t glob up in the corners of the detailing on the front and edges of the doors.  I wish I could say I caught every glob, but I’m no Monet.  After 2 coats, I had 2 options.  1, I could sand down each and every one of them to get them really smooth or I could move on to applying the top coat.  I opted for the latter.  I may regret skipping the sanding step in the future, but if I decide to go back and resand them later at least leaving cabinet doors off your cabinetry is also very in right now so it’s a win either way! After the 2 coats, I tested out this water based poly-eurthane on the back side first.image

Unfortantely, it dried an almond color in some spots, even though I was super careful to put an even coat on. This is why I tested it on the back first. So, I decided to buy the spray paint version for the fronts.image

I knew it would be hard to get the poly on even in all of the detailing and spray painting is waaay faster! I did two coats of the spray paint on the front and let them dry for 24 hours. Meanwhile, I began painting the existing cabinetry to match the cabinet doors and used the spray paint on them as well.  image

My reason for this was purely time.  Sure, I could have painted each one with the paint on poly, but I really wanted to get the cabinets up so I could move onto other projects. In between painting, I decided I loved the existing hardware.  It had a great shape and I really like the look of hinges on cabinet doors.  Plus, it would save us a bit of money and time later.  Measuring and drilling all new holes would definitely be a bit of a headache. I found this neat metallic spray paint by Rustoleum at the local hardware store in downtown.image

I gave it a go and boy did these guys look awesome afterwards!image


I even spray painted the hinges.image

Then, I sprayed these with the poly-eurthane spray just to make sure it sealed properly and once everything was dry I re-attached all of the hardware.  Here’s the difference! imageAnd here they are hanging up in my new kitchen!image

And the “bar nook”:


And the pantry: image

Yay! The kitchen is really coming together! Just a few more appliances and we are really in business.  Next on the list is some wall painting and hardwood flooring!

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