House Update #5: Drawers are Everywhere!

In case you are starting to notice, it may appear we are updating our house at lightning speed.  As much as I would like you to think we are home renovation pros, the truth of the matter is we are not.  Instead, my house updates have quite a bit of lag, mainly because when I get into a project, boy do I get into it! There’s no stopping to write or eat or sleep. Ok, so I’m getting a little dramatic, but seriously, we are just your average every day homeowners trying to make a house a home. Speaking of houses, this is House Update #5. In my last post I talked all about the cabinet doors, but forgot to mention how the drawers got painted. Well, in a much similar fashion as the cabinets, with laying them out, all over the place. In the kitchen on top of the brand new granite: image

Don’t worry! I put down some plastic! Also, on top of a fold out table with a drop cloth: imageAnd on the floor: imageBut, this time I had a reinforcement…my friend Catilin who is an interior designing Goddess.  Ok, so I’m exaggerating again, but really she is.  Not only did she help me paint all of these drawers, but she also helped me figure out paint colors for the family, living room and kitchen and gave me other great pointers throughout the entire house. She also brought Starbucks, which makes any house project better! Oh and we had brownies because every girl needs a sweet treat when doing manual labor! When painting drawers, the dilemma comes with deciding whether or not to paint the insides and the sides as well.  In these pictures, it’s obvious that we went with sides, but not insides.  Paul and I are the only ones who will see the insides, plus utensils touching paint before touching food, isn’t the best idea. We painted the sides for cosmetic reasons only, since those bad boys will be visible to any kitchen bystander. After two coats of chalk paint, and 2 coats of spray on polyurethane these bad boys are ready to be filled with household goods! image

But, first we have to put in the floors…Stay tuned for house update #6 (hint hint).

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