House Update #7: Windows, Doors and Baseboards!

Now that the floors are in, the house is really starting to take shape! The only thing still making this place look outdated are the windows, doors and lack of baseboards. Seriously, who would ever think louver windows were a good idea? We had 4 of them total throughout the house.  Two in the kitchen, one in the guest bathroom…image

and 1 in the guest bedroom!imageWe also had 2 sets of really old sliding glass doors.  So old in fact the door guy said “These are some really old doors!” We had 1 set in our living room leading out to the backyard:imageAnd another set from our master bedroom leading out to the back yard.  They also have some sweet vertical blinds!image Oh yes! It is time for these bad boys to go! We spoke to a company called Diamond Glass and had them come give us a price quote to replace all of the windows in the house.  We quickly discovered windows aren’t cheap and had to prioritize which windows needed replaced first.  We decided the 4 louver windows HAD TO GO and thought updating the window above the kitchen sink would be a good idea as well, since it’s such a focal point in the room.  2 weeks later, the new windows were ready and….bam!imageimageimageimageSo much better right? Not to mention quieter and more energy efficient! Now, the doors were also an amazing change. We decided to install some french doors with venetian blinds built inside of them. Another local company in Armona, CA called CBS Doors had a great price and quick turn around! imageAnd remember the door from my previous post about the sewn garbage bag holder tutorial? Well, this is what it looked like before I painted it!imageAnd here it is after it was painted “aqua-fer” using chalk paint from Decor a Lemoore. Read more about the store here:imageI’m always amazed at what just a little bit of paint can do! Speaking of painting, after I painted all the walls and the floors got installed, there was only one thing left to do to make the house look more like a home and that was to have baseboards installed.  There’s a lot of different styles of baseboards, but the good news is they are pretty cheap.  Actually only cost $140 of materials to put baseboards along 1500 sq. ft. of house.  I have to admit that I had another naive renovation misconception.  I thought that when the contractors come to install the baseboards that they would be done….completely.  Wrong! No wonder the guys were whispering as they are installing baseboards and I’m pushing furniture right up against the wall as if they will be glued in place there.  They were actually thinking “doesn’t this woman know she needs to caulk, spackle and paint these bad boys?” No!!! I didn’t know! Luckily, they clued me in soon after, but I felt a little embarrassed none the less.  Good news is now I can share with you how to finish baseboards! Here starts my baseboard recap…

First, all you need is a good quality caulking gun from Lowes or Home Depot and some caulk.  You just need to decide on a color. We used brilliant white:imageSee the space between the baseboard and the wall? imageWell, this needs to get caulked so that overtime the baseboards last and nothing gets blown down inside the space, causing damage overtime. That’s just what we did!image

imageI always like to do 2-3 ft sections and then go back and wipe the bead of caulk with a damp sponge or cloth. image

This just smooths everything out and makes it look professional! See the difference?imageNext, the nail gun holes need to get addressed.imageThis does not look pretty, but by adding just a little bit of spackling these holes begin to disappear. imageThen, put a little paint over them and…imageDone! Okay, so it really wasn’t hard and I can add it to the list of one more weird house thing we now know how to do!



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  1. Jenny

    Busy, busy, busy!! You are now a pro in the field of home renovations, for sure!!

  2. Susan West

    Loving this! I personally think you need your own show on HGTV. How about—- “Demo and Design with the Dixons.” I’d watch it!

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      I think that sounds like a great name! Not sure we are HGTV quality yet though haha!


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