Pre-Baby To-do List & T-shirt Quilts!

Paul and I have been busy getting the nursery put together. Yes, blog post soon to come on that, but before we could tie up those loose ends, I’ve had a few items on my “get done before baby comes” list. Here are a just a few and I’m still working on many of these:

  1. Finish any books people lent to me and give them back (yes, I’ll have plenty of time to read while nursing, but I don’t want to lose track of any borrowed books).
  2. Find a cloth diapering detergent (you would not believe the options out there and all of the opinions! Very overwhelming. We decided to try Country Save because it’s economical and supposed to be good for sensitive skin. powder_laundry_detergent
  3. Wash cloth diapers. Check.image
  4. Put inserts into cloth diapers and put away neatly for use after baby is around 2 months old. Check.image
  5. Wash baby clothes, blankets and sheets. Check.
  6. Make some meals ahead of time to freeze for easy breakfast, lunches and dinners. Can’t wait to eat this breakfast burritos!image image

Realistically, all of these items could get done after baby comes, but the one that was on my list that will definitely not get done in those first couple of weeks is:


I had 2 on my list that had to get done, both for fellow squadron mates. The first one was a Harley Davidson themed quilt.  Using black and orange was a no-brainer.  I decided to add a checkered square into the grid pattern to add a little more Harley flare to the project.image

Adding these really made this one pop!IMG_3820.JPG
The second quilt was for a University of Florida grad so blue and orange were the main colors in this one.  I wasn’t able to make all the blocks the same size since the shirt patterns were all different heights. It took a little bit of measuring and laying things out to get this one right. imageimage

(Can’t get anything done without a cat getting curious)imageAnd finally, it’s done!

imageStay tuned for more projects! Still have lots on our to-do list!

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  1. Jenny

    Wow, I am so impressed, Abby!! You are so ready for Baby D! Love the way those cloth diapers look — so cute and ready to go! And as always, amazing quilt work!

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      Thanks Jenny! Can’t wait to start cloth diapering, but until then I’ll enjoy the ease of disposables. You and Allan truly inspired us so thanks!

  2. Kristen

    Pabs! I have to get you to do a t-shirt quilt for me or at least show me how to make one! You are so talented!

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      Sounds great Krissy! Either works for me :)


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