Repurposing at it’s Finest!

Hey Everyone! Sorry, it’s been a little while since our last post, but Betsy Ross has been busy keeping the kiddos occupied during their summer break and I’ve been on a new adventure in Lemoore working at a repurposing store called Decor a Lemoore. Tah Dah! Decor A lemooreIt’s a quaint store located in the heart of downtown Lemoore, CA. It sits nestled in between the flower shop and a delicious bakery. Don’t even get me started on the negative impact the bakery has had on our family’s B.R.P.! I heard about it through a friend, Katie, who has been working there and she set up an interview for me with our boss, Lynda.  The store specializes in using chalk paint to repurpose furniture pieces that may be beautiful to begin with and just need an extra coat of paint or things that have just gone out of style. Like this! BeforeKatie, took this old end table and made it into…..Afteran end table with a place for a dog or cat to sleep in! Isn’t this such a cute idea? Well, the store is all about this kind of stuff.  My recent projects there have been making barn quilts for people to hang on their barns, sheds or maybe the wall in their living room as a great focal piece of art. For those of you who aren’t familiar with barn quilts, they began way back when it was too expensive to paint an entire barn for decoration. So, people got to thinking about painting a quilt square onto some wood and hanging it on the front for some added color.  Here’s an example! Barn QuiltDoesn’t it just add something to that plain old white barn? Now, this is just a picture I pulled off of google, but here are the 3 patriotic ones I made for our 4th of July window display out of old wood shelves and a cabinet door! imageI also bought 2 gold square picture frames and applied gray chalk paint to them, put a quilt square in each that I’d been hanging onto and made 2 great pieces of artwork! imageHere’s what the frames looked like before and after.imageSince the store is all about decor, I also stitched up a few anchor pillows using some fabric scraps I had in my stash.imageJust in case you were interested in seeing some other pictures from the store, I’ve included more below for your viewing pleasure. You can also check out the facebook page and stay up to date on all of our latest decor makeovers!Decorimagedeskflag

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  1. Ann Phillips

    I love all of the new items you have created and the store in Lemoore! You are so in your element!! Keep stitching aweigh!!

  2. Jenny

    What a fun store! And you are so talented, Abby! Looks like something Betsy would enjoy doing and be great at too!

  3. Susan West

    I recently bought a side table at a yard sale for $5(!!!)and can’t wait to try chalk paint on it. Abby, looks like you have found a wonderful, creative outlet! By the way, I’ve been “jellyroll” crazy lately—-and I don’t mean pastry!

    1. StitchinAweigh

      Haha! That is such a steal! One of the girls at the store bought a dresser for $5 and it had skulls and tye dye spray paint all over it. She chalk painted it and it looks amazing! Have fun and keep on rollin’…jelly Rollin’ that is!


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