Rick Rack Mug Rugs

Ok, so I think you know the drill by now.  My life consists of renovating and then taking a sewing break.  It’s just a must for this sister of “Betsy Ross”! Something about sewing relaxes me.  Kind of like having a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.  Yes, the caffeine kind of gets me wired, but in a way it’s relaxing too. Recently, I had this amazing idea to sew mug rugs to spice up my coffee routine AND to have a cute little coaster ready for the next coffee date!image

They’re so fun and colorful and take less than 1 hour to stitch up 4 of them! image

I’m providing the tutorial below in hopes that you may decide to try this too! Seriously, coffee never looked so cute!

Rick Rack Mug Rug Tutorial Button


  • 8 coordinating fabrics cut into 5″ squares (charm packs work great for this!)
  • 7 ft of rick rack measuring 7/8″ wide
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Fabric Scissors
  • White thread (or any coordinating color will do)




  1. Take the 4 squares that you would like to be the top of your coasters and draw a line with your pencil on all 4 sides measuring 1/8″ in. imageimage
  2. Take your rick rack and lay it on top of the line you just drew. Cut it down to size so it fits all the way across your edge, but doesn’t hang over. image
  3. Next, you will line up your rick rack right on top of the line so that it can be seen just barely through the valleys of the rick rack. image
  4. Now you can pin it in place or just carefully carry it over to your machine and stitch down the center of your rick rack, but as close to the valleys nearest the pencil line as you can.  Be sure to reposition the rick rack as you go to be sure you can just barely see the pencil line as you sew it down.image
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the remaining 3 sides:imageimageimage
  6. When you have finished sewing the 4th and final side, your square will have rick rack on all 4 sides, overlapping at the corners and will look like this:image
  7. Now it’s time to put the bottom fabric on top, keeping right sides together. image
  8. Be sure to line it up and then flip the fabric sandwich over so you can see the lines you just stitched up. image
  9. Now, it’s time to go back to the machine and stitch this like a pillow.  imageIf you haven’t sewn a pillow before, you basically start along one of the sides and stitch all the way around the square, but stopping about 1.5″ from where you started.  This will leave about a 1.5″ opening for you to turn your fabric right side out. You will want to be sure to sew just to the inside of the line you just stitched.  This will be hard for you 1/4″ seam sewers, but trust me! The rick rack will turn out beautifully if you stay as close to the existing stitches, but just to the inside. imageimageSee how close I got to the previous stitch in the above picture?
  10. Now, it’s time for the fun part! Pull your square inside out through the 1.5″ hole you left unsewn. Watch as the rick rack peaks through in a perfect way! image
  11. Now, it’s time to stitch the opening closed. image
  12. Smooth out the fabric where the opening exists and line it up so that it looks like it was stitched down like the rest of the sides.  Pin in place, or walk it over to your machine and stitch all the way around the square about 1/8″ in from the edge.  imageThis creates a nice decorative stitch onto your coasters, but is really keeping that opening closed.  imageThis is a neat trick my Grandma taught me when I made a Christmas Advent Calender last year!
  13. Repeat steps 1-12 three more times so that you have a complete set of 4 mug rugs!imageNow, enjoy with your morning coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or pumpkin spiced latte (PSL for you Starbucks crazies)! Oh yes, it’s almost time for those delicious PSLs! imageHappy Stitchin’!

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