Sewn Garbage Bag Holder Tutorial

Do you ever have more plastic bags than you know what to do with? Don’t they seem to just multiply with every grocery trip? Well, mine sure do! In fact, they are taking over my kitchen floor….


And Sherlock’s body…image

This has the potential to get dangerous! Anyway, I decided it was time to do something about this and got to stitching up a bag that conceals them, yet easily allows you to pull one out at a time for the moment you need to use one! image
This only took 20 minutes so get your sewing machines out and get stitchin! Seriously, this will change your life!


  • 1 piece of fabric about 18″ x 22″ (basically a fat quarter)
  • 17.5″ of 1/4″ elastic (cut into an 11″ piece and a 6.5″ piece)
  • 14″ of ribbon or rick rack


  1. Cut your fabric to a piece 18″ x 22″.
  2. Iron both 18″ sides over 1/4″ and then 1/3″-1/2″imageimage
  3. Stitch right along the remaining fold, ensuring you leave enough space for your 1/4″ elastic to fit through. imageIt should now look like this:image
  4. Repeat for the other 18″ side.
  5. Decide which end you want to be the top and which end you want to be the bottom.  This will only matter with fabrics that have a definite top and bottom. Cut your elastic into an 11″ piece and a 6.5″ piece. image
  6. Thread the 11″ piece of elastic through the top end first. To do so, attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and slowly begin threading it through the top. image
  7. Stop threading when the tail end of the elastic is flush with the edge of the fabric. Stitch this end down. image
  8. Continue threading the elastic through until the safety pin end reaches the far side of the fabric tube. Remove the safety pin and stitch this end down as well. This is what it should look like at this point:image
  9. Repeat for the bottom side with the 6.5″ piece of elastic until it looks like so:imageSee how the bottom end is cinched tighter than the top?  This will allow you to pull out one bag at a time, but easily stuff multiple bags in through the top.
  10. Next, decide what you are going to use to hang your bag. I decided to use rick rack, but only because I didn’t have a piece of ribbon on hand that coordinated with my fabric. Decide how wide you would like to space your ribbon/rick rack.  I measured 3″ from each edge and pinned it in place on the inside of the fabric (the wrong side). image
  11. Stitch in place.
  12. Sew the long ends (22″ sides) right sides together (inside out). image
  13. Pull your bag right side out, fill with plastic bags and hang it where everyone can see your beautiful creation!image

I hung mine in my kitchen on this freshly painted door leading out to the garage. Here’s a close up!imageEnjoy staring at your now organized plastic bags!

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  1. Jenny

    You are so creative, Abby! I’m sure Sherlock is happy about it too! :)


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