Spring Forward into a 10 Day Crafting Challenge


Hey Strangers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. In fact, my last post was about Hank’s birth story and truthfully he’s been my main focus for the past 4.5 months (as he should be!)imageHe has grown so much over the past 4 months and I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.image

Motherhood is truly a blessing and I love every minute of it.  Over the past few months I’ve put my own personal projects on hold as I tried to figure out what this little man needs. With a days that revolve around unpredictable baby naps…imagebreastfeeding sessions…imagewalking off the baby weight…image

diaper changes…image

meal planning/grocery shopping…imageactive play time…image

…not to mention all the extra laundry and house cleaning! I just haven’t had as much time to do very much crafting. Now, that Hank is becoming a little more predictable and sleeping better at night, I have more energy to attempt some projects so I’ve decided to challenge myself over the next 10 days to do something crafty. Thanks for the idea Aunt Rachel! I’m not able to dedicate hours on end to a project like I could when I was pregnant with our little man, but I know I can commit 10-20 minutes a day to accomplish something on my crafting “to-do list”. While accomplishing this task, I don’t intend to neglect my motherly duties at all. I just plan to try to use my down time more wisely (i.e. giving up a little TV time to do so).  I hope that you will follow along with me as I attempt this and maybe even challenge yourself to chip away at something that’s been on your “to-do list”! Check back on Monday to see what my first project is! Hank sure is curious about it!image

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  1. Susan West

    Hi, sweet Abby! So glad to read your blog again. Also it was so wonderful to finally meet the Hank-man in Hot Springs. He is precious and I know so much of your and Paul’s time these past months has been just watching him! He is such a cute little guy and so sweet with everyone. Looking forward to what you may have up your sleeve–craftwise or quiltwise!

    1. StitchinAweigh (Post author)

      Thanks Susan! We enjoyed seeing everyone and so glad you all got to meet Hank. He’s changing so much every day and we love watching him grow!


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