Sugar Block Top Quilt Complete

In my last post I gave you all a sneak peak at the completed Sugar Blocks from Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club of 2014. This was the last photo I shared with you. imageWell, I told you all to stay tuned for what I decided to do with these beauties. I decided to create a big star to put in the center that is the size of about 4 of these 12 blocks. Here it is!imageI used this nifty quilting program I have called EQ7. Paul bought me this awesome software for my birthday one year and I love it. EQ7-Generic-front.pngI was able to create the block, make it the size I wanted and then printed out a template so I could cut the fabric into the correct size pieces.eq7 demo

Once I completed the block, I laid out all 12 Sugar Blocks around the star like so:imageThen, I cut my gray sashing strips and stitched them in between the right most row of blocks. imageI continued to sew in my sashing until all the blocks were stitched together. image imageThe last step to complete this quilt top is to add a thicker sashing around the outside edge of the entire quilt top. imageTah dah! Soon this quilt top will be a completed quilt that will reside on our couch. imageBut for now, Sherlock likes it right where it’s at. imageWord of advice: It’s pointless to keep a cat from laying on your sewing projects. They are drawn to them like peanut butter to jelly, ham to cheese, me to Chick-fil-a (cough, cough). I digress. I tell myself to just embrace the moment!

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  1. Jenny

    Love it! It’s beautiful, Abby! Makes me want to learn how to quilt. :)

  2. Becky Dixon

    Love the quilt!!


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