House Update #1: Surrounded by Plaster and Cement

It’s finally here! The first update on our house renovations! I told you in my last post, “Pinteresty Projects”, that I needed to keep crafting in order to escape all of the house madness and you are about to see why! Our house is an oasis….if you are into cement and plaster, but we are getting closer to calling this place home. Since ripping up carpet and demoing tile, we had a professional company come in to remove the asbestos filled popcorn ceilings. image See all of that popcorn? You may be too distracted by that outdated light fixture to see it, but it’s there! Oh and if you thought that fixture was bad…. imageOh yeah! 1970’s light fixtures! Seriously, the popcorn was everywhere.  Everywhere that is, except the guest bathroom, the kitchen and our master toilet. It just had to go!! We wanted to scrape it ourselves, but we thought we should test it, especially since the house was built during the 70’s when asbestos was used often in house construction.  Thank goodness we did because the results came back positive so we called in the professionals….imageDon’t these trucks look like something out of the movie E.T.? Remember, the scene when the guys in the scary white suits come and separate Elliott and E.T.? Scariest part of that movie!  Anyway, those white vans were bad…these are great! I snuck in after the first day to check the progress.  I couldn’t get the front door completely open because of all the plastic they had hanging up, but I did snap this picture…imageE.T. right? Now you’re getting it! Obvioulsy, the ceilings don’t have popcorn anymore, but needed to get refinished.  We talked about doing that ourselves as well, but realized it was going to be a huge project for people who’ve never done it before so we called in ANOTHER professional. It’s not quite done…imagebut it will be by my next house update! I think this even this looks better than the popcorn don’t you? The second big change was knocking down the cabinetry over the kitchen island. Remember this? imageWell, after removing the nails and screws holding it in place…imageIt now looks like this!imageWay more open right? I can’t wait to get all of the new appliances in there and paint the existing cabinetry to lighten it up.  Speaking of cabinets…I started to paint the doors…imageI did the assembly line approach and painted one right after the other. I decided to use chalk paint and ended up mixing my own.  The store I work at uses chalk paint on a regular basis so I’ve learned how to mix it properly. The nice thing is you don’t have to prime your surface and it dries really quickly! I had to do 2 coats with a 3rd coat of minor touch-ups but that’s mainly because our cabinets were so dark and we chose a much lighter color. Here’s a sneak peak of the cabinets up against the back splash we chose.  I still have to paint the back sides and apply a coat of polyurethane, but it’s a start! imageWe went with subway tile, but decided to go with these smaller tiles instead of the standard subway tile size. We also decided to use the existing hardware because they are kind of rustic looking.  imageThey need a good bit of cleaning and maybe some spray paint, but they’ve got a good shape! Wow, this is what happens when you’re doing house projects. You start talking about hardware as if they’re people.  Now do you see why I like to escape to this?image

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  1. Jenny

    Wow, you guys are working hard!!! Looks like it’s all coming along though, so that is exciting! :)

  2. Nancy

    Thanks for sharing your new home’s renovation. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


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